Tropical Rainforest Essay

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Tropical Rainforest Biome Essay

Tropical rainforest are located in places near the equator. They are mostly found between the latitudes of 0°—23.5° north and south of the equator. A tropical rainforest is also between the Tropics of capricorn and tropics of cancer. Some examples of where you might find a Tropical rain forest include South America (Amazon Rainforest), Indonesia, Malaysia and Queensland.

The Climate and Location of a tropical rainforest, is a hot and wet environment it becomes very humid. It rarely gets higher than 34 °C or drops below 20 °C. The average rainfall in a tropical rainforest is an average of 125 to 660 cm. A tropical rainforest cover about 6% of the Earths surface and they are found near the equator.

The structure of a rainforest. A tropical rainforest has 4 layers which include The Emergent layer, The Canopy layer, The Understory and The forest floor. The Emergent layer consists of old 40m high trees which are usually the oldest in the rainforest. The Canopy layer has smaller trees than the Emergent layer, they are about 22-27m high, they get called an umbrella for the fauna and flora below. The Understory it is the layer between the Canopy layer and the forest floor the small trees and shrubs grow to about 3m high, the Understory layer gets limited sunlight, rain and wind. last but not lest The forest floor, in gaps seedlings will receive sufficient light, heat and water to grow, there is only about
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Tropical rainforest is almost a perfect environment for animals because it is a warm and there is no change in season so they won’t have a shortage in food. There is enough shade from the heat and enough shelter from the rain, but there is no shortage of water. There are lots of animals and creatures living in the the rainforest so there is a great deal of competition for food, sunlight and space. This is so animals have developed special features in order to