True Meaning of Love Essay

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Valentino Mbaya
Gr 11
Prompt 1
The hunger games has been an intriguing book to read as it revolutionizes the way you look at things. The most complex theme is love. Love is something beautiful something you can’t explain so how would you knows when you are in love with somebody? Is it the physical attraction or is it how much you care about a person. Love is blind, so it will forever remain a mystery.
Love in the Hunger games has been portrayed in several ways some we are familiar to and some that are unexplainable. The most evident form of love we see is the sacrifice which both Katniss and Peeta show. They proved how powerful love is .For example when Peeta sacrificed being an ally with the enemies in order to protect Katniss and when Katniss patched up Peeta injuries. This shows that they truly cared for each other and couldn’t stand one dying or suffering.
Katniss is a truly confused teenager; she doesn’t how to distinct love for family and love you get from an individual .Example Gale and peter .Gale has always been there for her since her dad passed so if you look at the bigger picture, the only reason she felt close to him is because she felt more secure and safe to have a man In her life again. In peeta’s case I truly think there are in love because during the games everyone is fighting for survival, friends becoming enemies and enemies becoming friends. Their love was truly evident when they’re both willing to sacrifice they lives because they didn’t want either of them die alone.
Love can be exposed differently according to the type of person you are sometimes.