What Is The REAL Meaning Of LOVE Essay

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What is the REAL meaning of LOVE?
Love... Many people think Love is just another word. But what they don’t notice is that
Love has a very strong meaning. When it comes to love, many people believe its just like saying i like you. Love can be used in different ways. Mostly Love is used when you have a soul mate.
In the Bible it explains what is the REAL meaning of love. 1 Corinthians 13:4­8 explains to us what love is in reality. My favorite Bible scripture is 1 Corinthians 13:7. This scripture has helped me in a good way, I now know how to love someone unconditionally. Another way of knowing if you really are in­love is by asking yourself “Would i give my life for this person?” If you answer this question with a “yes” and without hesitating you will know that your love is really true. love is not when a person is unstable. But when that person is sure of what he or her wants. An example of what LOVE isn't is.. One day a guy name Dennis tells a girl named
Jasmine he loves her and he would do anything for her. They get so close and Jasmine falls in love. But poor Jasmine ended up being the foolish one. Dennis goes to school, he lays eyes on another girl named Alejandra. But meanwhile Jazmin is home trusting him with everything she has. Dennis sweet talks to Alejandra and make alejandra fall in love with him too. A month passed and Dennis was acting strange with Jasmin, his “love” was fading. Jasmin agreed to let him go. She said to herself if i let him go and he comes back that means he really loves me. But the thing is Dennis never came back. Weeks passed and she was hurt, she thought that what dennis felt for her was true love. But the funny thing is she learned that love never fails. So one day she checks his tablet and finds pictures of Alejandra. She cried so much and she had a strong pain. She couldn't explain it. She confronted Dennis and all he said was “i'm sorry.” Jasmine couldn't believe what she had