Examples Of Sex Appeal Advertising

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Sex Appeal Advertising

In the business world, it is important to get information to customers as quickly as possible concerning sales, inventory and price changes as well as new products or services with in the business. Advertising creates such an instant awareness and is the tool most businesses use to promote their products or services. Prosperous advertising will promote customers loyalty, build a brand by defining the companies place in the market, and separate the company from the competition. The goal to achieve for good advertisement is to make a lasting impression. Today, people focuses on sex and body images, making sex appeal many companies main weapon in advertising. For example, in March 2013 Glamour magazine, Viva Glam lipstick, and True Religion use sex appeal to advertise their products. First, Viva glam lipstick uses sex appeal to promote their advertisement because sex sells. Woman look at other beautiful women in envy and men look at beautiful women in lust. The ad depicts Nikki Minaj, a famous singer, floating on a raft in crystal blue water. She is wearing a bright yellow, low cut, halter top, one-piece swimsuit, which makes her breasts look as if they are going to fall out of her swimsuit. The bright yellow enhances her bronze skin color. Next, she has her arms out to her sides, dipping her manicured fingers in the pristine water. Her legs are together and laying to her left side with a slight bent at the knee. Strapped to her feet are big stiletto heels which are covered in lip prints. The lip prints remind the reader about their product. . A top her head, Nikki has a blonde afro, which draws attention to her busty cleavage. Although the color of lipstick that she wears is a pale pink, it would have stood out more with a more vibrant color. It is easy to forget what Viva Glam is promoting until you see the giant lips sticks floating next to her. Next, True Religion uses sex appeal to promote jeans. To accomplish this, True Religion shows a skinny, hourglass shaped brunette woman walking down a deserted boardwalk. Her long hair blows very slightly in the wind. She is wearing tight low-cut jeans and a