Trust vs Mistrust Essay

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Trust vs Mistrust

The first year of an infant’s life can be a time of great joy and learning, developmental growth physically, mentally and emotionally while providing an opportunity for parents to ensure their infant’s needs are being met. In 1965 Erik Erikson developed eight psychosocial growth stages beginning with Stage 1, ‘trust vs. mistrust’, which occurs from birth and throughout the first year of an infant’s life (Candlin 2008, p.76).

Erikson’s theory of ‘trust vs. mistrust’ will be outlined in this paper to suggest how it can be implemented to support parents in developing positive relationships and attachment with their infant and lay the foundations for trusting relationships into adulthood.

When an infant is born they
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Practical strategies ( 2001-2010) which could assist the Registered Nurse in supporting new parents include; |
| |
|learning to understand your baby’s unique cues, including sounds, what touch they enjoy and what their facial expressions indicate and |
|how you can best meet their needs |
|be consistent in your care and attention |
|talk, laugh and make time to play with your infant, get to know them, their likes and dislikes |
|and most important of all, let go of trying to be the ‘perfect parent’ |
| |
|Providing your infant with a secure basis of trust where you have consistently met their needs enables them to develop an eagerness to