Tuition Reimbursement

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Tuition Reimbursement Paper
By: Alicia Edwards
Due date: Sept 5 2010
Course: com285


There are many reason that an employees might get a promotion or be considered for a job in a higher position. One of these is education. Some of our employees have an 2 year degree and some have other levels of education. One way to excel in any company is to have a bachelor’s degree. The reason for me bringing this up is because we have come up with a program that can help employees who don’t have an bachelor’s degree get one. We have had a very successful year and will be providing the money for this program. In this report, I will be explaining why this is a good idea, what kind of benefits the employees will get for applying for
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Some benefits of a bachelor’s degree

According to and the U.S. Census Bureau, “the average lifetime earnings of someone with a bachelor’s degree is $2.1 million. A high school graduate can expect to earn $1.2 million over his or her lifetime, while a person holding an associate’s degree can expect average lifetime earnings of $1.6 million. People with bachelor’s degrees have higher savings because of their higher incomes, so they can engage in more hobbies and participate in more leisure activities. When it comes to skills, “the skills necessary to succeed in college and earn a bachelor’s degree are time management, responsibility, critical thinking skills, ability to communicate. These skills come into play at work as well. It is also important to choose the right college too. The type of college that the employees choice will be very important because accredited colleges will be looked for in resumes when hiring. Employers want people not only to have a good education, but to have an education from a really good college. “Degrees from accredited colleges and universities are typically valued higher than degrees from schools that are not accredited because of the standards they must meet”.

Benefits for the company

There are many benefits for the employees for getting their bachelor’s