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Twelfth Night
The play opens at the Illyrian court, where the love-sick Duck Orsino enjoyed some live tunes while fantasizing about the luscious countess Olivia. Too bad Olivia can’t be bothered with the duck or any other living man. Valentine reports that Olivia’s brother has recently died, so Olivia’s decided to lock herself up at home while she mourns for the next seven years. Olivia’s grief over her dead bro doesn’t bother Orsino one bit. In fact, he tells us that, if Olivia can love a dead sibling this much, just imagine what she’ll be like a living breathing man.

Meanwhile, viola and a crew of sailors wash up on the Illyrian shore after their ship sinks, separating viola from her twin brother Sebastian, who may have drowned. Viola doesn’t quite know what to do next. So, she decides, why not dress up like a boy and get a job as one of Duck Orsino’s servants? The sea captain is happy to help her transform from viola to Ceasario a young boy with a great singing voice.

Over at Olivia’s free loading uncle sir Toby and his drinking buddy Sir Andrew. Olivia’s trusty lady Maria gives Toby and Andrew a piece of her mind they ought to be ashamed of themselves carousing around at all hours before stumbling home drunk and noisy when Olivia is trying to focus on her dead brother.

Before we know it, viola as cesario has a job at the duck’s court and has become Orsino’s favorite page. Cesario and the duck have become quite cozy ever since the duck decided to share all his intimate thought with cesario- we’re talking secret diary kind of things. Cesario’s first task as Orsino’s best boy is to march on over to Olivia’s house and convince the countess that the duck is a really great guy. Viola as cesario confesses to the audience that she is totally into duck Orsino.

When cesario is granted access to Olivia’s pad and tries to deliver the duck’s love message, Olivia doesn’t cooperate she’s super busy wearing her black veil and thinking about her brother. Ceasario however keeps talking and before we know it. Olivia is all interested in duck Orsino’s boy servant. When cesario leaves Olivia admits she’s totally crushing on him but Olivia has no idea cesario is girl. So Olivia fibs to Malvolio and says that Ceasario left behind a ring Malvolio should return the ring and invite the boy back to olivia’s pad so they can continue their discussion about how she will never love duck Orsino.

Meanwhile, on a sea coast near Illyrian viola’s twin brother Sebastian turn out he’s alive and he attempts to extract himself from the company of Antonio a clingy sea captain who fished Sebastian out of the ocean and saved his life. Sebastian’s not in the mood to hang out with Antonio any more because he thinks his sister is dead and says he’s headed to duck Orsino’s court without Antonio.

Back in Illyrian Malvolio catches up with cesario and return Olivia’s ring. Viola plays it cool with Malvolio but she realized that poor Olivia is in love with cesario which makes viola feel really bad about all the trouble her wicked disguise is causing. Viola called herself a monster but doesn’t reveal her true identity. Later that night sir Toby, sir Andrew and feast get rowdy over at olivia’s pad singing songs and drinking way too much. Malvolio the party-pooper comes in and wage his finger at the rowdy crew. He also criticizes Maria for falling to keep Toby in check.

Maria is totally fed up with Malvolio so she hatches an evil plan to punish Malvolio for being so judgemental. The scene Maria will forge a love letter and drop it where Malvolio can find it. Malvolio will think that Olivia wrote the letter to him and will make a complete fool out of himself trying to impress Olivia. Later over at Orsino’s place, the duck cesario talk about love cesario admit he is in love, but doesn’t reveal the object of his desire Orsino doesn’t appear to recognize that cesario is talking about him.

Cesario returns to Olivia’s pad to