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Denis Mercado
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Extra Credit – A Thing or Two About Twins
Reading and Reflection Response Questions
1. According to the article, how much of the genetic code do identical twins share? How much do fraternal twins share? (1 pt)
Virtually the same for identical and only about half for fraternal.
2. What controversial conclusion did the Bouchard research team come to about IQ? (1 pt)
That when people had the same opportunities in the same environment their IQ was mostly based on inheritance .
3. What were two similarities observed in the twin sisters, Lily and Gillian, who are being raised by two different families? (1 pt)
They both walked on the same day, had the same condition in one eye and, the same aggressive streak.
4. What were two differences that were observed between the twin brothers,
John and Sam? (1 pt)
Their social skill levels and John has a heart condition Sam does not.
5. What was the most surprising/ interesting thing that you learned from the article? (1 pt)
That in the end neither environment or inheritance plays the dominant role but that both work together to develop a personality.
6. Choose one (1) scientific term from the article. Write a definition of the term in your own words and then write one (1) sentence to explain how it relates to genetics and heredity. (1 pt)
a. epigenetics- the study of how traits are inherited to offspring.
b. It relates to genetics since it deals with the passing on of traits and how they are spread throughout generations, this is particular because it marks the distinction of when nature stops playing a role and the environment or nurture takes over how the trait is expressed.

7. Think about one (1) human characteristic or trait that you think is influenced more by genes (nature) and one (1) trait that you think is more influenced by the environment and experience (nurture). Provide at least one sentence of explanation about why you think genes or the environment are more influential with regard to each trait. (2 pts)

I think eye color is mainly influenced by genes, this because living in a certain area or in certain conditions can't change their color and they are similar to your parents color. Your music style is shaped by the