Unit 024 Essay

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Unit 024- Promote child and young person’s development
1.1. When assessing development some factors need to be taken into account one of these is confidentiality, this means that you will need permission from a child’s parents/carers before doing observations, also when information is wrote down about a child is important that it is kept in a safe place were only the relevant people can access it. Also making sure that information about a child is only shared with parents/carers or colleagues and professionals that have the right to know. Another factor to take into account is a child’s wishes and feelings, this means to take into account the child’s wishes when doing an observation or assessment. The child may not want to be assessed at
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3.1 When planning an environment or service for children it is important that it promotes the development of children and young people this can be done by taking into consideration all these things. Stimulating and attractive- The environment needs to be interesting and visually attractive as children learn through their senses. We do this in my setting by having bright and colourful displays, we also provide many different feels, smells, and things to look at within the setting. Well planned and organised- The environment will have to be well planned and organised as every child will have their own interests and needs so everyone within the setting will need to organised so that all children have what they need to develop. Within my setting we do this by looking at children’s interests and planning around this, we make sure we ask other members of staff if the activity will link to any of their key children so that we can plan the activity for others. Personalised and inclusive- This means the environment needs to be personalised and have assessable activities and opportunities for all children. We do this in my setting by making sure all children can access all areas, we also have books with the children’s close families so that children feel at home and if they become upset this may help. Encouraging and practicing participation- The setting needs to be welcoming to everyone, including children who have been there a