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UNIT 1 Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings

1.1 Reasons for communication: to express feelings, concerns, needs, to build relationships, to socialise, to ask question, to share ideas and information, to reasure ,to share experiences

1.2 How communication affects relationship at work : communication used to prevent or resolve conflicts and prevent misunderstanding, aids understanding of individuals needs, communication in the work environment with coleagues, people using services, children and their families, the ways communication is used to negociate,helps to build trust.

3.1 Diferences in use and interpretation of communication methods: diferences in verbal communication eg. Language, vocabulary, dialect intonation, gestures, use of body language, non-verbal facial expression, eye contact
Ways that an individuals background can influence eg.culture, Socio economic status, age, gender

3.4 Clarifying misunderstandings ; use of active listening, avoidind misinterpretation of body language, repeating, rephrasing,checking understanding,use of visual cues

4.1 Confidentiality ; Where one person receivs personal or sensitive information from another person, this information should not be passed on to anyone else without to consent of the person from whom the information was received
4.2 Maintaining confidentiality in day to day communication :Confidentiality in different inter-personal situations eg adult receives personal or sensitive information about