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Conner Le Vaast
Task -- Local Community.

Summary of Varying Research Methods.

The research methods that I chose to use, would be the Internet, using contact via E-mail, conversing over the phone, word of mouth and using the phone book.

I found these research methods to be simplistic, easy to manage, and undergo, as they are all efficient, easy to access and use on a basic daily life, the internet being widely available nowadays and a fast, easy method of gathering information on the many scientific businesses in my area.

The internet is easy to access, and easier to find information on varying businesses in the local area, able to research the common answers to the questions in general that I need to ask in order for this task.

E-mail being similarly easy to access, sharing the same advantages but also possessing rather large disadvantages as e-mail requires the recipient to be there, to reply and give you the information that you are desiring.

Verbally conversing over the phone, requires both you and the person you are wishing to talk to, to be there at all times, though the information you are receiving can be recorded and make track of, for future use, this also having both advantages, and apparent disadvantages, due to possible poor connection.

Word of mouth, is often the most rewarding manner of receiving information, as you are physically there, talking to a person that either owns, or runs the business, and are able to get the information straight up, able to note it down as you feel the need, for use in the future and in my own opinion, is possibly at a disadvantage, as you need to ensure you are there at a suitable time or day, as quite a few businesses are not open at most times.

Finally, using a phone book is often handy, but you cannot get the information you need directly, without making use of another form of communication, this most likely being the telephone, in this case in particular.

To conclude, all of these methods of gathering information have their own advantages and disadvantages, and you can mix these, to minimise the disadvantages while collecting the data you need.

Evaluation of Research Methods.

Business and what I got out of it:

From this business, I learnt the basic processes of shredding and destroying paper waste and the importance of this in the working world, as well as the basic business and management qualifications required to work there.

Future Cleaning Services ltd:
This is a business that deals in commercial cleaning and the disposal of products in the vaying scientific manners that they undergo as well as communal area cleaning and upkeep, dealing with cleaning material and supplies also, this requiring basic scientific qualifications to effectively work in this business.

Morley Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs:
This business deals with Muscular and neurological clinic, skin problems (warts, vitiligo and urticarial) clinic, infertility clinic and other similar treatments, this requiring some basic and advanced qualifications to work in, due to the nature of the work here.

Spectrographic ltd:
This is a business/service that deals with metallographic products and equipment for material science analysis and quality inspection procedures, as well as specialist advice in material sample perception, computer based image analysis and microscopic inspection, this obviously requiring rather advanced qualifications to work in, these mostly needing to be scientific.

Nation wide laboratories ltd:
These are independent veternity laboratories dedicated to the improvement of animal health through direct support of veternity practices in the UK and worldwide for the last 30 years, these requiring specific veternity qualifications to work in , due to the nature of the service.

The plastic art co ltd:
This business deals in print finishing solutions: The sciences of print