Understanding The Teaching Role And Responsibilities In Education And Training

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Unit 1: 1.0 Understanding the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training

Introduction I will always remember my early/later schooldays with a sense of fondness. My first primary school teacher’s name was Mrs Willis, (if you have watched the Harry Potter movies, think of Dolores Umbridge and add spectacles).
Being born in the 1970’s, and attending secondary/high school in the 1980’s my education was mainly the traditional style of schooling. The information was mainly delivered by a teacher stood in front of the class, writing on a blackboard with chalk. Clouds of white dust would form in the air when the board was erased. I may of felt at times that my learning was split into two. In some subjects such as Home Economics, Biology and Physics a lot of practical work was involved. I enjoyed these subjects and found them to be fun and informative. There were also subjects I struggled with somewhat and had to work at, a little harder to achieve good results i.e. mathematics and music. I learnt in later life that my preferred way of learning was Kinesthetic e.g. object manipulation. The exception to the rule was during my history lessons. Mr Hopkirk would liven it up by permitting us to role-play. Old books would be rolled up and used for sword fighting. Mr Hopkirk made the lesson and class come alive with his enthusiasm. Mr Hopkirk seemed to know when I had a problem with a topic and would immediately suggest a way of overcoming this. He would suggest places for pupils to visit ie, appropriate museums or historical sites, or books in the library where further information could be found. He cared about us as pupils/students and also about the way he taught. 30 years on