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Maya Hassan
Mr. Klein
American Lit Period 6
3 February 2015
Equiano’s Narrative
Slave narratives were valuable tools in abolitionists' hands, such as such as “The life of Olaudah Equiano”. Details about Equiano’s life really affected me and made me feel so terrible how slaves were treated. Equiano describes how slave traders kidnapped him and his sister from there home with West Africa and transported them to Africa coast. During his 7-month journey he was separated from his sister (Equiano 171). When he reached the coast, Equiano was shipped to North America. This makes the readers and myself feel horrid because African Americans were treated like property. “At last when the we were in had got in all her cargo, they made ready with many fearful noises, and we were all put under deck, so that we could not see how they managed the vessel” (Equiano 171). This causes the reader to feel sorry and have sympathy towards how the Africans are treated and makes realize they should be treated differently. Slave narratives are very helpful to abolitions; they use some of the details in their arguments against slavery. The details from the slave narratives can change one’s mind about slavery it uses pathos to persuade them and it effects them emotionally. It can make someone feel ashamed and sorry by hearing African American’s own experiences of slavery and the devastating time they go through everyday. Equiano describes, “This produced copious perspirations, so that the air soon