Unit 1 Homework Essay

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American History Homework
Unit 1
Chapters 1, 2, & 3
Terms, People and Events: Define or explain and tell the significance.
Ch. 1
Division of labor
Sahara Highway
Nuclear family
Columbian Exchange
Treaty of Tordesillas
Ch. 2
The Spanish Empire
Hernando Cortes
Joint-stock companies
Headright system
Indentured servants
Nathaniel Bacon
John Winthrop
Massachusetts Bay Colony
City Upon a Hill
Roger Williams
Anne Hutchinson
Ch. 3
Navigation Acts
Salutary Neglect
Middle passage
Benjamin Franklin
Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards
French and Indian War
Proclamation of 1763
Sugar Act
Main Ideas: Answer in one or two sentences.
Ch. 1
Section 1
What theories explain when and how the first people arrived in the Americas?
Give two examples of how ancient societies demonstrated their resourcefulness in adapting to their physical environments?
Section 2
Provide two examples of how Native American societies drew upon or honored their cultural heritage.
Describe three broad cultural patterns that the Native American societies shared.
Section 3
What exchanges of goods and ideas occurred as a result of trade routes across the Sahara?
What were three West African kingdoms that flourished in the late 1400s and early 1500s?
Section 4
What three effects did the Crusades have on European society in the 1400s?
How did the changes in Europe in the 1400s encourage exploration by the turn of the century?
Section 5

American History Homework
Unit 1
Chapters 1, 2, & 3
What methods of colonization, based on earlier models, did Spain use in the Americas?
Why has Columbian Exchange been called an “ecological revolution”?
Ch. 2
Section 1
How did Mexican culture develop out of both Spanish and Native American elements?
How did Native Americans react to Spanish efforts to establish colonies?
Section 2
How did John Rolfe transform the Virginia colony?
What conditions caused tension and warfare between settlers and Native Americans in Virginia?
What were the causes of Bacon’s Rebellion?
Section 3
How did religion impact the lives of Puritans living the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
How were the experiences of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson similar and different?
What caused conflicts between New England colonists and Native Americans?
Section 4
What gave New Netherland its reputation for its diversity?
How did Pennsylvania reflect William Penn’s Quaker ideals?
Ch. 3
Section 1
What was a nation’s ultimate goal under mercantilism and how did Great Britain strive to achieve this goal? Why was the Dominion of New