Unit 18 Cache Level 3 Childcare and Education Essay

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Unit 18 - Working with abies from birth to 12 months
E1- Summarise the factors which may influence the health and development of babies in the first year of their lives
Environmental factors such as not having enough space in the garden for babies to move around to play and explore will influence their development as they maynot be able to expand their fine and gross motor skills. The environment can affect babies health and development as people around the baby who may smoke can transfer that smoke to the baby even if the smoke isnt directly infront of them. By having a ward and consistant home this can help the baby feel safe and secure therefore maintaining their health and development. Parents may not be able to afford toys and
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Children all have different learning styles and needs; some prefer to play and learn outside, and should be offered this opportunity wherever possible. Some may not have outdoor space at home, in which case it’s even more important." http://www.teachnursery.com/nursery-management/view/qa-free-flow-play It is important that practitoners know if children have any allergies, as children under 12 months cannot talk or communicate very well so practitioners must ask parent/carers this informaation. Having allergies on recored or on view in the setting will help anyone unfamililar coming into the setting. If practitioners do not know this information then the child/baby will be at risk.
There are different things that helps reassure babies in settings which could be stability and consistancy, familar staff and practitioners, good positive relationships and things which comfort the child such as a blankets and dummies.
E3- Describe the expected stage of development of babies at the chosen age and how they may be expected to develop in the next two, three months of their lives
At six months babies will develop gross motor skills. When a baby is lying on their back they can roll over onto their stomach. If lyin on their stomach the child will be able to llift their head and chest, supporting themselves on their arms and hands. Babies at this age can use their shoulders to