Unit 2 Assignment 2 Improving Communication

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2Improving Communication
A. Introduction
The organi!ation that I am "iscussing in my report is a me"ical training organi!ation for #a"iologic Technology$ The organi!ation re%uires volunteers to work at various me"ical facilities an" hospitals in the county& alongsi"e the assistance of speciali!e" trainers$
A.1. Demographic Changes1)Baby boomers
#ecent "emographics have shown a growing increase of 'mericans ages (( an" ol"er remaining an" reentering the workforce$ Workforce retention for 'mericans ages (( to )* increase" from )+$,- to )*$2- in 2./*$ 0ven the workforce participation rate for those )( an" ol"er increase" from /1$+- to /1$( percent 3eralta& 2./*4$ ' few employees in my organi!ation are over the age of (( an" are still working