Unit 2 Level 3 3 Essay examples

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Unit 2
Level 3
3.1 & 3.2

Be able to evaluate own performance

Having been in my job role for some time now, I can now begin to self-evaluate. By evaluating my own knowledge, performance and understanding against national standards, I am making sure that I am working within the boundaries, rules, regulations and legislations of my job role as a Care Giver.

It is good practice on a regular basis to note down the things I know I can already do with confidence, and also to look at other areas where I need to develop my skills. This may involve some training that could be provided by my company, reading up on areas that I am not as confident with and putting them into practice. Although self evaluation is a necessary and important part of my job, it is by no means the only way of evaluating my work. Feedback can also come from a client, family member, or maybe from a spot check or even an assessment from a senior member of staff. The fact that I am doing my Level 3 BTEC can also mean that my assessor could give me valued advice and constructive criticism if needs be. All of this, I can then go away and think about and continue my self evaluation. The key to someone else advising me, pointing out where I’ve gone wrong, or things I may not be doing at all, is not to become defensive. Always take any comments, remarks or advice and put a spin on them. These can all be turned into positive steps and help me see any errors I have made and also to learn and act upon things that I may have not been doing before. The very best thing I can do is to improve on my skills and add new skills to those I