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The Role of Computer Systems in Different Environments – P1.1

Computer System –
A computer system is one that is capable to take a set of inputs, process them and create a set of outputs. This is done by an arrangement of software and hardware. It is an arrangement of connected computers that share a principal storing system and also several peripheral devices for example a scanner, router or printer. Every computer linked to the system can function individually, but takes the capability to interconnect with additional external computers and devices.

The Role of Computer System in Different Environments –
1) Home
2) Business
3) Military
4) Real-time
5) Education
6) Hospital

Home –
Computers can be used for a range of purposes, comprising leisure and work. In the present world, as technology progresses and becomes gradually important in everyday lives, additional individuals are functioning from their PC desks at home. Software for example Serif Page Plus and Microsoft Word lets computer workers to produce their individual qualified looking documents deprived of considerable effort, although the Internet offers people access to information and resources from all over the world in a technique that was difficult earlier to the progress of the World Wide Web (WWW). On the other hand, although various use their home PC to support them in their works or school time, others practise them generally for entertaining purposes. CD-ROMs can be connected onto maximum desktop computers and enormously multiplayer available games can be played with individuals from all over the place online. Driving games, Action games and role –play are among the best common available there as they agree workers or users to engage themselves in a computer-generated world that is mutually pleasurable and interesting.
Example –
1) Washing Machine
2) Microwave
3) Toaster

Business –
Computer technology has abundant uses in nearly all types of businesses. Nearly all types of businesses are depends on computers for programing their outdated methods. Businesses use extensive range of information distribution platforms, organization information systems, database, internet, technologies, and intranets, tools, and data distribution networks etc. which extremely depend on computers. The practise of computer technologies is not simply in the arena of marketing and finances; it is similarly being used in the human resource divisions, payroll organisation, record control management systems etc. Computer technologies benefit to achieve the repetitive business responsibilities considerably faster as related to the outdated way of undertaking things physically. Some businesses use records warehouses, decision support structures, data mining methods to help in their decision making procedures.

Military –
The expansion of computing and the military have permanently remained strongly weaved. Actually, primary progress of computers was completed so that increases the military prospective of maximum militaries in the world. Nowadays, computers are used for transportations and arms regulation in most militaries. The point that innovative and harmless methods of appealing in conflicts are being required might cruel that the practice of computers in the military is to be expected to increase in the future. In today’s world, computers are seriously trusted on for the expansion and use of arms systems. For example, buzzes entirely depend on computers for working and governor, and an extensive variety of arms, with extremely precise missiles, also depends on the usage of computers to function. Some of the armed tools that is presently in progress, such as military suits, are also expected to greatly depend on computing for belongings such as providing the solider trying the suit all the material there is about her or his background. Additional armed applications contain the use of computers for planned procedures, such as using isolated cables to do examination and to