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Unit 3 Assessment

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Please note that this Assessment document has 13 pages and is made up of 5 Sections.


Section 1 – Understand methods of communication with customers

1a) Use the table below to outline at least two different customer service situations and the different methods of communication that would be needed in these situations.

Methods of communication
Complaint in store re quality of goods

Face to face discussion - followed by a letter
Request for information re company

Variety of ways either via telephone/letter/email /fax or by face to face discussion

1b) Based on the information you have provided in the table above, outline why the different situations need different methods of communication.

Situation 1: this is dealt with in a face to face manner as the complainant has initially purchased the item directly from a store, and is returning the item to a store, This is a effective method of complaint as the Customer can show the reason they are complaining and you can respond using positive body language and the complaint can be dealt with promptly you can also follow up with a letter to customer to see if satisfied with outcome.

Situation 2: Can be dealt with in whatever manner is requested/easiest for the customer. If the customer is requesting general info re product then initially a brochure can be sent to them in the post, as with a telephone request (this can also be elaborated on with the telephone as the customer can ask for extra detail. You can respond to questions and if necessary send out samples if requested. In the case of a visit to the offices it is probably the most effective way as we have full size samples of product, mock ups fencing and actual products available in stock we would also have somebody suitably qualified to talk to and discuss requirements etc with the customer.
2. In relation to your current organisation (or one that you know well), complete the table below by listing at least three different examples of customer interaction and identify the most suitable communication method for each one.

Customer interaction
Communication method
Request for details/brochure re goods available

Via post, phone, email and online request form
Tender enquiries

Via email, post and online request form
Procurement meetings

Face to face or via telephone.

Face to face is the best way to communicate in this situation as you are able to secure the best deal this way.

3. Complete the table below by identifying at least two advantages and at least two disadvantages of each communication method.

Communication method
Face to face
1. personal touch

2. ability to show your feelings can empathise better with customer

1. no time to think about discussion

2. no record of the discussion

In writing
1. can be absorbed better by customer allowing them longer to decide the course of action they want to follow

2. can be referred to again by the customer

1. record of what is written

2. time consuming

Via telephone
1. can call any time of day or night and anywhere in the world via various means

2. relatively private conversation with immediate response
1. no record of what said in discussion

2. cant see body language so may be misinterpreted

4. When responding to a customer query in