Nt1310 Unit 3

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Programming Assignment Unit 3 a. Identify the actors for the system and their goals: actors goals Motion detector Detects motion within a specified range External light bulb Automatically turn on garage door lights Motor Move the garage door “Electric eye” sensor Motion Detection. Detects if a person or something passes under the garage door while the garage door is closed Remote control radio transmitter and receiver Open and close the door Manual opener button switch Allow manual control of garage door Homeowner Automatically control garage doors for convenience.

b. Derive only the use cases relevant to the system objective and write brief or casual text description of each Use case Description UC1: Motion detection Detects movement within a specified range UC2: Turn on the lights Automatically turn on the garage door
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Draw the use case diagram for the system d. For the use case that deals with the remote-controlled garage door opening, write a fully dressed description Use Case Name: UC3: Opening the garage door Actor: Homeowner, remote control radio transmitter Preconditions: • The homeowner carries a remote-control radio transmitter. System is activated to receive remote control signals at any time. Main Success Scenario: 1. The homeowner sends a signal to open the door remotely. 2. What is the difference between a'smart' and a'smart'? Receiver receives the signal. 3. What is the difference between a'smart' and a'smart'? Sends signal to the system. 4. What is the difference between a.. The motor opens the door. Alternative Scenarios: 1 - 2. Remote control does not work. Door opens with manual switch e. Draw the system sequence diagram(s) for the use case selected in (d) f. Show the operation contracts for the operations of the use case selected in (d) Operation: Send a signal to open the door remotely Prerequisite: The system is connected to a power source and the radio transmitter is functioning. Postcondition: The signal from the transmitter is