Unit 3 Lab 2 Integrity Matters Essay

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1 The worst possible things that can happen by taking longer lunch hours and that you don’t pay attention to the start and finish times of your lunch hour is that you cant be sure no one has noticed how long you take for your lunch or that you can’t be sure that no one is watching and timing you. Just because nothing has been said or done doesn’t mean that no one hasn’t noticed. Along with that you could be fired.

2 It is all well and good that you don’t do it every day. But with that being said just doing it just once or twice a week adds up. Eventually it you will be caught and brought up. Whether it is once or a hundred times.

3 When you tell a client you will have it by a certain deadline you need to make sure you meet the deadline. That being said missing it once is not terrible but you don’t want to make a habit out of it. It makes you look like you are not reliable.

4 I think everyone has complained about their boss and or job at one point in their life. But doing it at your actual workplace is not the place or time to do it to vent your anger. You never know who is listening to you. And doing it on your Facebook is just like complaining in the lunchroom. Once again you don’t know who is looking at your page. If your boss or just your job in general gets wind that you don’t like your job or whatever you might say negative about your job, they can help you get out of that job by firing you.

5 Kids, no matter their age, feel a certain pride when their