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Unit Three Text Questions
Ancient Music
The answer to each question should be in paragraph form. Please follow these guidelines for submitting paragraphs:
1. The first, second or last sentence contains the main idea and key words from the question or assigned topic. 2. Paragraph contains one to three explanatory sentences.
3. Paragraph contains two to four sentences about specific details related to question.
4. Details are colorful, interesting and appropriate.
5. Paragraph ends with a good closing sentence that refers to the main idea without repeating it.
6. Free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you will be using a word processor to complete this assignment, you may delete the lines below each question and replace them with your answer. Lines are provided to guide you in case you choose to hand write your answers and submit a scan as a .pdf file.

Review Questions
For REVIEW questions
, you should produce a more academic answer. This type of direct question requires a specific answer. Please use full sentences and proper grammar.
What is the Hurrian song? Why is it important?

The Hurrian song was “a set of fragmentary relics” and an almost complete set of musical notations found in present day Syria. It shows notations written on a clay in cuneiform. The importance of the song was that it showed some of the first hymns written down by literate people.
What is the Natya Shastra? Why is it important?

The Natya Shastra is a writing about performing arts, dancing, and stage performing written between 200 BCE and 200 CE. The importance of it is that it gives scientists detailed information on different types of instruments that were popular and used among the people at the time. It also gives information on the forms of music that were popular at the time in india.
Who were troubadours? What was their music like?

Troubadours were traveling poet­musicians that traveled from place to place singing and performing for the nobility. Their songs were monophonic and and the songs were accompanied with the singing by an instrument like a lyre or drums. The music was simple and faster in tempo. 4. What are modes? Describe at least one type of mode.

Modes were what people used before modern day scales. They were pitches in a predefined order with an interval between each pitch. There were seven different modes, one being Dorian mode which started on the D pitch and went up from there.
These modes were used in Gregorian chants.
What is polyphonic music? How does it differ from monophonic music?

Polyphonic music was music that used two or more independent melodies. It’s popularity grew after 900 CE. As time progressed people started to add harmonies to chants which became more complex over time by adding voices and more melodies.

Critical Thinking Questions
, there are no right or wrong answers. For example, a question on your thoughts on why you think people are shy is a pretty open­ended type of question. Grades will be based on the depth of personal insight you present.
Do not simply agree or disagree with an insight question. We are looking for critical thinking and possibly a related personal experience with the question.
It is important to provide detailed answers for insight/opinion questions.
Why did early humans develop music? What are some of the ways that they were thought to create music?

Early humans created music as a form of expression. People thought to create music by mimicking the sounds of nature that occurred around them. for instance they would clap their hands or beat drums to mimic thunder from when it rained. As a child I mimicked the sounds of birds outside through learning to whistle which in turned allowed me to create my own sounds with whistling that I didn't hear from birds.
Why is the study of prehistoric and ancient