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To create and edit a GPO, use the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). By using the GPMC to link a GPO to selected Active Directory sites, domains, and organizational units (OUs), you apply the policy settings in the GPO to the users and computers in those Active Directory objects. An OU is the lowest-level Active Directory container to which you can assign Group Policy settings.
You need a clear understanding of your organization’s business needs, to guide your Group Policy design. By analyzing your current environment and users’ requirements, you can establish the approach that best supports your organization’s needs.
Make sure that you understand Group Policy interoperability issues, and determine whether you plan to use Group Policy for software deployment. During your design phase you should:
1. Define the scope of application of Group Policy.
2. Determine the policy settings that are applicable to all corporate users.
3. Classify users and computers based on their roles and locations.
4. Plan desktop configurations based on the user and computer requirements.
A successful Group Policy deployment depends on a well-planned design.
The process for deployment begins with staging in a test environment which includes:
1. Creating standard desktop configurations.
2. Filtering the scope of application of GPOs.
3. Specifying exceptions to default inheritance of Group Policy.
4. Delegating administration of Group Policy.
5. Evaluating effective policy settings by using Group Policy Modeling.
6. Evaluating