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Harry Joseph
Contemporary History
18 October 2014
Unit Essay
In the year 1939 the second world war broke out with two opposing factions the allies and the allied. The second world war was brought upon by Germany, Italy and Japan invasions of other nations. Eventually the war was brought to end in 1945 as the allies as victors. Their was many reasons the allies the won the war but the most significant were their tactics and strategies. Tactics and strategies played a large role in their victory because of resources and geographical advantages.
The tactics and strategies through the use of resources was evident in winning the war for several reasons. The allies had a significant larger population than the axis particularly the united states and soviet union. This meant that the allies had a significant larger population to draft soldier from. This also allowed the allies the ability to switch soldiers out from the front line when necessary while axis soldier sometimes had to fight months on end without ever seeing their family. Through this strategies of the allies to have more soldiers they were able to deteriorate the morals of the axis soldiers.
Resources also played a large role in the victory of the allies through the output of weapons and other industrial products. The allies had a greater advantage particularly Russia, United states and Britain. These three great powers could produce enough resource to supply the war effort while the axis didn’t have that advantage. Through this tactic the allies were able to manufacture more weapons for more troops and also invent new technology that such as the jet engine and better rocket control system. These new resources allowed the allies to continually put pressure on the axis with machines they were never prepared for.
The tactics and strategies of the allies geographic advantage also played a significant role in the winning of the war. Besides the fact that the allies had a significant number of countries a part of the allies force which meant they had much more to suffocate the axis