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30 July, 2012 First and formal I would start by saying I am a bi-lingual student, who faces several difficulty on writing the English language. My goals upon taken this class is sample, number one is to get as proficient as I can get in writing. Two is to get formulize with using the proper verb and subjects correctly. Last but not least, to enhance my mind in the English language. My expectation is to become more confident in my university career, my professional and personal life. While writing my academic paper, I focus on tackling one task at a time. My biggest challenges when writing for others are punctuation, proper terms and understanding.
In reference to my feelings about writing, I am petrified due to the amount of resentment I received from my former English teacher. Nevertheless I had always thought writing was a way of art, because of the opportunity it provides people when expressing them self intellectually. Do to my lack of knowledge; I had grown to hate writing. Since I now understand the importance of writing, I want to strive to the best of my ability to enhance my mind for the future. I believe in the world today that writing plays a big role in a person’s daily life. I treat my academic paper as I live my daily life, taking one step at a time. I do not believe in finding the easy way out. I believe in hard work and determination in order to succeed in life. My biggest challenges when writing for others are the fear of improper punctuation in an