Universal Concepts Essay

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Universal Concepts
Different elements do impact psychology of coaching. Most sports are adapted to the surroundings and cannot be participated in a different habitat. For example, sky diving can only take part by falling from great heights while gliding through the air. This is because it wouldn’t be possible to do anywhere else because it is not possible. Same with scuba diving can only take place in water. They are sports that can be played in different environments and terrain such as soccer.
In Europe this sport is the biggest played overall and is played by different cultures and climates. For example in England this is a winter sport, so it is usually played in bad conditions. When it rains the pitches get really boggy so it can be hard to stay on your feet without slipping if you are not wearing the correct footwear. Usually player have big metal studs under their boots to give them as much grip as possible. Also during this period the pitches can be the complete opposite and become rock hard due to them freezing over. In this case different footwear is needed again as it is too hard to wear big metal studs because it is uncomfortable on your feet. This is when little rubber studs are used.
In parts of Spain it is the complete opposite and even though it is played in their winter season also the climate is completely different. The pitches in Spain are always dried out because they don’t get much rain and it is really hot, so boots with rubber studs are needed to be worn.
In the pro or semi pro game, pitches are built depending on what time the game is played and where the sun is going to be. This is because if the sun is constantly in one teams eyes, that is an advantage to the other team who can see perfectly fine.
Coaches need to be aware with all these different issues that come because wearing the wrong footwear can be a health risk to the players and whilst the players are with the coach (17 and under) it is the coaches responsibility to keep the players from injuring themselves when it could have been avoided.
Cardinal Directions
Cardinal directions include North, East, South and west. Different countries play different sports the most. For example in America, American football and baseball are the most popular sports to be played. In India cricket is the counties favorite sport and is played the most and in England soccer is the favorite sport and is played the most.
If a coach is looking to pursue coaching to the highest level possible he/she may want to see where the best place for them to go to so that they can be successful in coaching there chosen sport. For example if someone from England wanted to coach American football, it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and pursue it in England or move somewhere else in Europe because American football is only common in America.
Different seasons effect when a certain sport can be played (sometimes). This is because weather can influence how the sport is played. For example, golf is normally played in calm conditions. This is because when it is windy it is very hard to direct the golf ball where you want it. These conditions are normally present in the summer season as winter brings bad weather which makes the game less enjoyable to play.
Also skiing takes part in the winter when it snows. This sport cannot be played in the summer because they is no snow due to the heat. So this makes skiing a winter sport.
As a coach, you might want to take up two sports to coach in two different seasons (if coaching is your full time job) because this way you are constantly active and don’t get rusty with the coaching aspects.
Different generations play different sports which can have an influence on the youth. For example if a dad played rugby all his life the chances of his son playing rugby is high. This is because he idolizes his dad but also he wants his son to play the sport he loved so much.
Also different ages are limited in