Up From Slavery 1 176 Essay

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Chapter 1
Introduction covers how likeable Booker T Washington really was, and how caring and motivated he was.
Born in Franklin County Virginia, year 1858 or 1859 not sure of the day or month
Born next to crossroads post office
Father was a white man from another plantation, mother is the plantation cook
Has to fan fruit flies at the table, sees his first family meal. See’s the family eating ginger cakes and this gives him the ambition to eat ginger cakes one day
Chapter 2
Booker gets job in salt mines, has work at 4 am every day
His boss put an 18 on all of his barrels, this was the first thing he ever comprehended, sparked interest in academics
Wanted to go to school, so he worked before and after school to support his family
Wanted a cap to be like the other kids, so his mom made a cap out of jean pants for him to wear to school
Original name was Booker Talifano, but ended up calling himself Booker Talifano Washington
Chapter 3
Attended the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute in Virginia
Once booker finally makes it to Hampton, he is asked to sweep the reception floor and polish it. Miss Marie F. Mackie is impressed and gives him the job of janitor while he is studying at Hampton
S. Griffits of Massachussets paid Booker’s tuition
Chapter 4
Placed on the honor roll of commencement speakers
Booker took a job back in his home town of Malden teaching the youth
Chapter 6
Booker works with Indians, and tells them to shave, and clean themselves up so they don’t get