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Section One: External Environment

1.1 The location is convenient for:
a. Doctor’s surgery/healthcare (East Care Medical Centre located 10 minutes away from the complex and Botany Town Centre Medical
Practice located 5 minutes away from the complex)
b. Post office/Public phone/ATM/Bank (all of these facilities can be found at Botany Town Centre which is located directly across Te Irirangi
c. Kindergarten/pre-school (there are multiple options within close proximity of the complex)
d. Primary Schools (Willowbank Primary is the closest, located 1.4kms from the site. There are also a few other Primary schools in the surrounding areas (Baverstock Oaks School, Botany Primary and Elim
e. High School (Botany Collage which is less than 1km from the site, a 7 minute walk maximum, generous footpaths and crossings are provided) f. Play facilities for kids over 12 year, none included in the complex.
g. Public transport at Botany Town centre which is located directly across Te Irirangi Road.
h. Major commercial centre/retail mall (Botany Town Centre is a large shopping centre located directly across Te Irirangi Road., it provides variety of different shops such as supermarkets, clothing retail and a food court/dining options etc)
i. Leisure/sports (gyms, ice skating ring and other leisure facilities are all located around botany town centre)

The location is not convenient for:
a. Small local shops such as dairy-type retail they are replaced by supermarkets/shops in Botany Town Centre
b. Intermediate Schools; there is no intermediate schools within close proximity of the site, the closest ones being Somerville Intermediate and Elim Intermediate both being more than 3kms away.

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1.2 All of the units are integrated with the surrounding roads as they all have direct street frontage.
1.3 There is no physical barrier, fence or gates between the footpaths and the private land of the units. A couple of meters of grass separate the houses from the public footpath. You are aware when entering the private access way that runs through the center of the site that you are on private property as it only provides access to the garages, which come directly off this driveway and there is no purpose for the general public.
1.4 the surrounding streets are lit at night and the shared access way has lights located above each individual garage- if these were on at night the driveway would be well lit.
1.5 Even though the roads are quiet and noise wouldn’t be a huge issue the orientation of the units does not help with the privacy issues. As some of the units kitchens and living rooms face the public footpath that passes all the units on all four sides of the complex.
1.6 There are no refuse systems visible and the rubbish bins mostly all are placed and stored outside the unit front entrances. These may be convenient as they don’t have to walk their bin far to the road edge for collection but being in the entrance way is inconvenient and not visually appealing.
1.7 There are no shared spaces provided in the complex. However there is a square of grass located across the small street where residents could play. (Even though surrounded by streets they are quiet and slow traffic roads)
1.8 No drying areas are visible but most units have double garages and if not a single- this is a possible area for drying purposes but also the courtyards of each unit are of size to fit a washing line.
1.9 Garages are privately owned one per unit this would be the storage area for each unit, especially the double garages.
1.10 The front doors of the units range in how much they are set back into the front façade, some being set back two meters and others only half a meter. This means the protection from the weather also ranges. All front doors have an over hang of at least 750mm and this does provide an acceptable amount of weather protection. The deeper set backs provide more weather protection and the smaller set backs may