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Essay on "Analyze the extent to which two of the following influenced the development of democracy between 1829 & 1840: Jacksonian Economic Policy, Changes in Electoral Politics, Second Great Awakening, and/or Westward Movement."
The democracy of the US is the way it is today because of what has happened in the past. From 1829 to 1840, democracy was still developing. During this development, both the electoral process and Jackson's economic policies affected democracy. In 1829 to 1840, both Jacksonian economic policy and changes in electoral politics affected the development of democracy.

Jacksonian economic policy affected the development of democracy. President Jackson disliked and distrusted the Bank of the United States. For this reason, President Jackson tried and succeeded in putting an end to the Bank of the United States. President Jackson succeeded by vetoing a renewal of the charter of the Bank of the United States. By destroying the Bank of the United States, President Jackson showed that presidents could veto bills based on their preference rather than based on whether the bill is constitutional or not. By doing this, President Jackson increased the power of the president. This additional power for the president gave the executive branch more power.

Changes in electoral politics also influenced the development of democracy. In the 1800s, some presidential nominees were chosen to be the candidate of a party through caucuses. In 1824, this caucus