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In the 17th century, many European powers began to settle in the Southwest and English colonies in New England.

One of the most notable settlements was the Spanish conquest of North America. They were mostly religious Puritans

and some were victims of religious persecution back in their homeland. Though Southwest colonies and English

colonies were settled in the similar times, they were greatly different in religion and economic development because of

the native influences and different occasions.

Southwest colonies and New England colonies are different from each other in terms of economic development.

While the New Englanders developed an economy based on logging, shipbuilding, fishing, and trading due to rocky soil

in the region, the Spaniards relied on the encomenderos to extract goods and labor from the native peoples to

transport back to their native country for sale. Indentured servitude was also employed in the New England region to

work on small family farms, along with the tie to mercantilism with Britain in trading more goods necessary for both

living and prosperity. Spaniards in Southwest, other the other hand, raised cattle and cash crops using native labor

under the encomienda system to support a living.

The two settlements also held different religious values. The Spanish put all their effort to spread their religion

to the native Indians while the New England settlers mostly came as a result of religious persecution in Britain and only

hoped for a better life in the Western Hemisphere. For Spaniards, most of the churches consisted of Catholics who also

sought effort in conversion rather than simply worshipping. For the settlers in New England, most settlers came as a

result of religious persecution in Britain and decided to make a new, permanent safe haven in the Western Hemisphere.

In Delaware, Williams Penn established a colony based on his Quaker believes that allowed much more freedom than

its counterparts. In the Massachusetts area, John Winthrop established the “city upon a hill” that created a new model

for Christianity to create the first utopia in the world. Some with