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Battleship Potemkin
Battleship Potemkin is a 1925 Russian film by director Sergei Eisenstein. The film begins on a Russian naval fleet in which the crewmen are being treated unequally for example being given meat with maggots in it and being told to just eat it anyway, this causes a small riot amongst a few men. This small riot results in the men being sentenced to an execution on ship in front of all other crewmen. The execution is to be performed by other fellow crew men who are already hesitant about killing fellow comrades, so when a sailor named Grigory Vakulinchuk speaks of killing your fellow “brothers” are wrong and begins to talk of a mutiny. The talks of mutiny cause a huge outbreak between the crewmen and officers bringing many deaths including all the officers and Grigory.
All the remaining naval crew have a memorial/celebration for the conquering of the battleship and in memory of Grigory, the ship is taken to land to bring the celebration to the fellow townsfolk. The celebration gets out of control bringing troops down to steps in which the towns people are celebrating, the troops march down the stairs wielding rifles and open fire on all; men, women and children. The crew of the Potemkin go to their battle stations and open fire on the troops of whom massacred the towns’ people. The film ends with the crew of Potemkin signalling other ships to join them in their rebellion and become a “brotherhood”.

I found Battleship Potemkin to be fairly entertaining although uninteresting in parts, I really enjoyed and was interested by all the different amazing shots and angles. The film was very jittery due to the old camera used to film which gave all