Essay on Utilizing Online Social Networking Sites

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Social Networking
Business and Human Services organizations all over the world try to look for different ways to improve and be successful. One of the ways organizations have been able to maintain success is by networking and linking themselves with similar organizations. A website that provides organizations with this type of networking is LinkedIn. In week two I was given the task to research and understand why such sites as LinkedIn help human service organizations stay connected with their professional community and other human service professionals. In addition to researching how these sites enhance more quality services and support and how additional training keeps you up to date and competitive against other organizations.
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In addition to finding online training and development, employees can also look for employment for human service organizations through the LinkedIn community. Instead of putting an ad in the newspaper more organizations are looking to LinkedIn and other online sources to find knowledgeable and qualified employees.
Technology Used to Stay Connected
Some other ways that human services or other business organization use technology to stay connected to their business contacts and employees is by the internet and other social online networking websites. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be an essential tool in keeping contact and the ability to provide constant updates. My friend’s son attends a specialized Autism School in the Salinas area. The director has 2 offices in the San Luis Obispo area and one in the Stanford area. Although her job as director keeps her on the road visiting the different sites, there are times when she is unable to visit the area. She keeps in constant contact with the assistant director and employees by using Skype. Skype is an online tool where you can have instant face- to- face chats and hold meetings without all being at the same place at the same time. This way she is always able to attend weekly meetings, get updates, and hold training sessions with her employees. This site has enabled her to grow