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From the values assessment I learned that some things I thought were very important to me are not as important as I originally thought. Some things were also more important to me than I had realized before. Based on this assessment I would like to start getting some of my priorities straight again. For example I listed Family Security as number one. I have always thought as my family as number one but while taking this assessment I realized I have let them fall behind things such as school work. Before I started school I spent a lot of time with my children. Now thinking about it I often tell them to play by themselves or to leave me alone for a while so I can do my homework. To rectify this problem I am going to start making sure I leave time to work on my own school work while they are at school so that I have more time for them when they come home. Number two on my list was to have A Comfortable Life. My family is not what you would call poor but we also do not have the means to do whatever we would like. I would like to change that for my family. When they need something I want to be able to get them what they need. To accomplish this I will finish school and hopefully be able to find a good job. Something I would like to change on the instrumental values list is to be more courageous. I sometimes do not stand up for myself in fear of what the results may be from my actions. To change this I will need to learn that my beliefs are important to and that sometimes the consequences are worth the actions. My results may be different than others because we may have different lifestyles. I am sure the typical college student isn’t thirty years old, married, with three kids. Considering family may not be at the top of their list yet, it may be more important to them to have the social recognition, which was number ten to me. I would rather have my family be proud of me than have the rest of the world acknowledge I did well on something. That may not be the case for a younger person, fresh out of college, which has not started a family. Someone in that situation may also want more freedom at the workplace, which was number seven for me. It may be important to them to have more say and be able to do things as they wish. Where I personally would like to just know I have job security. If that means that I don’t have as much say in what I am doing at work, I am okay with that. An instrumental value that may be different for me than someone else is that honesty is most important to me. It is very important to me that people trust me and that I set a good example for my children. For someone else this may be important but not the most important value. Someone just starting out may be more concerned with being independent or imaginative. They may still care about being honest but these may be more important to them to get farther in the workplace. Even though I may be very different than someone else it could still be easy to get along. If we understand each other and how we are different from each other it could work out well. If we acknowledge that we have different goals and do not focus on our differences so much we could end up being good friends in the end. Our main goal to get along in the work place should be communication. I once worked in the Delphi building in Troy, through another company. A women that worked there disliked me from the start and was always very rude to me. I asked her one day why she disliked me so much and she said I had no values. I asked her how she came to this conclusion and she said she was there to provide for her family and she did this alone. That it bothered her that I came in everyday and goofed around with the bosses a little and seemed to not care that I should just be working. I told her she had me all wrong because the job was also important to me for my family. I also liked to make the day more fun to, that work did not have to be so boring and dull. Just by spending that five