Values: Want and Current Time Essay

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I stacked my values in the order I did because it puts meaning and value behind each one. Honesty is the most important universal principal to me because everything in life is based on trust and being honest with one another. In order to be a good and trustworthy leader I want to be viewed as honest amongst everyone. The other universal principle that I chose is positivity. Positivity is very important to me because it shows that a person is enjoying life and making the best out of it every single day. Being positive can make the world and interacting with others much more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.
The two social values that I find most important are responsibility and hard working. To me, being responsible means doing what I need to do when I need to do it. At the current time this means focusing on school and my summer job, but it the future it can entail getting payments made, finding employees, etc… Hard working is an important social value as well because it demonstrates how much effort a person puts into something he/she wants or believes in. Hard work shows that a person cares about what they are doing or trying to achieve and this can make the workplace much more rewarding.
Being an achiever was one of my top five strengths from the Strength Finder activity. Having an achiever personality enables me to constantly work hard and strive for my dreams and goals. By being an achiever I plan on working hard and excelling in everything that I can.