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Himalaya shampoo

With the more and more competitive environment in the current market, that is necessary to organisations or companies to have an excellent understanding on marketing management. Making a better decision to build an effective marketing plan and sustainable market strategy can make the company to be more and more successful during the competition in the same industry than other competitors. Himalaya shampoo is aim at re build the brand image to create more future value to the company, and make a better competition in the current and future market. Based on the understanding of the market and from what knowledge have been learned in this subject, the additional analysis about Himalaya shampoo will be discussed. In this essay, firstly the analysis based on the understanding about the customer and market audit about Himalaya shampoo will be discussed, and combine with the marketing concepts. Secondly, the product or service audit will also show with the understanding of the marketing objective and strategy. Next, a real example will approve the ideas that a better understanding on marketing management will bring a better result to create more future benefits. Finally, the recommendation to Himalaya shampoo based on the above discussion will be shown. And the conclusion will be in the last paragraph followed by the recommendations.

First of all, Himalaya Drug Company need to understand the marketing processes in the customer and market audit. Himalaya Drug Company offered shampoo and other hair care products, a high quality product and service is what Himalaya shampoo wants to provide and satisfy customers in the different target market. The first step of marketing processes in customer and market audit is defining the markets, Himalaya shampoo need to analyse the target markets. Within these markets, the company need to quantify the needs and wants of the customers in the different markets. Based on the understanding of those customers, a high quality of products and services should be improved or change to approach the satisfaction for the different customer segments. Himalaya shampoo is offered 100% herbal and safe product to customer which is the most popular product in the current market. On the other hand, Himalaya shampoo still needs to understand the different between customers and consumers, which is the different between the buyers and the users. The geographic is dividing a market into different geographical units, such as the states, the different nations or regions. The demographic is dividing the market into different groups, which is based on the family size, the different ages or gender. The more clear definition and division of the customer and consumer in the different market will create more future benefits to Himalaya shampoo. Organisations should pay more attention on make more attraction from both the customers and consumers. Competitors are also important in the market, which can affect the result of the organisation’s profits. As a shampoo industry, Himalaya shampoo is facing a strong competition in both the current market and future market. Through the information of the case study, Himalaya shampoo need to have a better understanding about the customer needs than the main competitor-Vatika and Meera in the shampoo industry.

Secondly, the product or service audit of Himalaya shampoo is also important to achieve the future success based on the understanding of the marketing objective and the importance of the market strategy. “A marketing strategy is therefore a marketing plan designed to achieve marketing objectives. For example, marketing objective may relate to becoming the market leader by delighting customers. The strategic plan therefore is the detailed planning involving marketing research, and then developing a marketing mix to delight customers.” (Marketing theory, 2014) With the increasing of income level, customers are becoming more care about the product,