Essay on Values of Effective Leader

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Exploration Paper

Topic: Values

Structure of assignment:

1. Introduction

2. Research

3. Results of research

4. My view on values in terms of management

5. Conclusion

6. References

1. Introduction

Paying attention to our values helps us to:

❖ become self-aware ❖ make ethical decisions ❖ prioritize our tasks ❖ develop credibility as a leader

Reasons why values are important to managers:

1) Understanding one's own core values is essential to becoming self-aware. And self-awareness helps us to understand how people perceive us; also it allows us to identify the personal qualities that we would like to change. Values influence our choices, but our choices also influence
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Connection between personal and company’s values was calculated by Likert scale[1]. As a point of departure for the analysis of categorical variables, percentage frequency tables were used to describe the importance of personal and company ethical values.

3. Results of reserch

The significance of personal values

Owners and managers are not just business people; they are also human beings. They have their deep personal values and that are unlikely to change in a short period of time. To investigate the owners’ and managers’ personal values importance, 20 values focused on the objective that one would like to achieve were selected from different areas of value system. Respondents were asked to tick five the most important and five the least important values.

According to survey:


The majority of asked owners and managers consider health (86 percent) and family (76 percent) to be the most important personal values. Other personal values that have got comparatively high number of answers were reliability (51 percent), integrity, honesty (42 percent) and trust, reliance (40 percent). About one third of respondents stated responsibility (34 percent), money, financial success and prosperity (31 percent), and education (29 percent) to be one of very important values. The least important values with the lowest frequency of