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The Definition Varies
Taylor Johnsen There is no nationally accepted definition of rape in the United States. Instead, each state has its own laws, and these definitions can vary, but almost all of them do not use the term ‘rape’. Instead using “sexually assault”, “sexual battery” or “criminal sexual conduct” ect. The overall definition of rape is “Any person subject to this chapter who causes another person of any age to engage in a sexual act by—using force against said person, causing grievous bodily harm, or threatening or placing that other person in hear.” Every state defines rape differently. Rape is a type of sexual assault initiated by one or more person(s) against another person without that person's consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, verbal threats and being manipulated to do sexual favors. It is the name of a statutory crime in jurisdictions such as England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, California, and New York, and is a legal term of art used in the definition of the offence of sexual violation in New Zealand. Some countries have changed the crimes that were previously covered by rape, to the term sexual assault, including Canada. Definitions of "rape" varies, and although rape is usually dependent upon whether or not consent was present during the act the term "consent" varies as well. Minors, for example, are often considered too young to consent to sexual relations with older persons. Consent is also considered unjust if obtained through violence, or from a person who does not have the ability to understand the nature of the act, due to factors such as young age, mental disability, or substance intoxication. “I don’t understand how the definition of rape in itself can vary, being taken advantage of is rape and that should be the overall definition of the world.” Says former Valley Vista student who wishes to not be attributed. The crime of rape is one of the most serious crimes in the books, and states universally punish this sex offense very harshly. However, there exist numerous variations between…