Venice and World Heritage Essay

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([1] – MAP)
The city of Venice is located on the western side of the gulf of Venice at the northwest end of the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

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Venice was founded in the 5th century and is spread over an archipelago of 118 small islands. The world heritage site includes a larger area than just the city of Venice – it includes most of the Venetian Lagoon and surrounding islands as well.

Venice was inscribed into the UNESCO world heritage list on the 22nd of April 1986 after a nine year wait. It complies with six of the UNESCO world heritage criteria.

Venice represents a masterpiece of human creative genius and exhibits an important interchange of human values within a cultural area. Venice itself is a unique artistic achievement. It seems to float on the waters of the lagoon, creating an unforgettable landscape whose beauty has inspired many of the great artists. The influence of Venice on the development of architecture and the arts has been considerable.

Venice also bears a unique testimony to a cultural tradition. It is an old site that has archaeological significance, although it still lives and breathes life to this day. Venice is a link between the East and the West, and between Islam and Christianity.

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Venice is an outstanding example of a diverse architectural ensemble. Venice possesses a range of architecture across the ages – from the Piazza san Marco and the Palazzo Ducale to the more modest residences of its six quarters.

The lagoon of Venice is an example of a semi–lake settlement in the Mediterranean