Verbal Bullying Essay

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Professor Sandy
Synthesis Paper
Why is there such cruielty?People suffering from fear and loneliness of having to put up with such shitty routine of frequent abuse, being put down by others with the teasing and name calling. What ever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but words may never hurt me…not in this case bullying is so powerful that anything is harmful. Bullying has got to stop nobody should ever have to deal with this. Unwanted, aggressive behavior that includes threating others, spreading rumors, isolating someone from a certain group on purpose, verbally as well as physically attacking others is how you define bullying. It is a repeatedly negative action. Bullying has become a very hot topic worldwide. It’s a situation that is happening in elementary, middle, and high schools. It is also happening in work places. It is a common experience children and adolescents phase. Both boys and girl bully as well as are victims. Bullying happens in the school bus, to and from school, in the restroom, lunchroom, playground, or any place where there is no adult supervision. But, bullying leads to dangerous situations like the columbine shooting. It’s like a virus that keeps getting stronger and deadlier. Bullying is something that is happening everyday but there is a solution to this problem. October is the month for the national bullying prevention month. Informing people about bullying will help raise awareness that there is something going on that is affecting today’s society and that bullying is real not some old made up lie. It will also help parents, teachers, bystanders, and victim’s encouragement to speak up and create prevention. The most important thing is to raise awareness and help people to speak up. There are various types of bullying going on. The first and most common type is the verbal bullying. Name calling can often carry a strong hint of violenece.And this verbal bullying then leads on to physical bullying. This involves hurting a person’s body or valuable possessions, spitting, hitting, pushing, and making rude hand gestures. In a study case it was shown that boys experience more physical abuse than girls. Another, type of bullying is social isolation. This happens throughout the age groups but is more common in younger children. Spreading rumors about someone, leaving someone out of a group on purpose and embarrassing them are all possible ways of social bullying. This is the one girls are more familiar with than boys. Lastly, this type of bullying has become very known and famous. As technology advances so does the cyber bullying. People threatening each other via e-mail, MySpace, chat rooms, Facebook, text messaging and even YouTube are way people are hurting other people by putting malicious postings. But why? The reason why people bully has to do with peer pressure. If a person is trying to hang out with the cool popular people who might be the wrong crowed because they are bullying, that person is going to follow what they are doing and become a bully to fit into the group. Bullies also often suffer from social and emotional problems. They might suffer from low self-esteem and are also very competitive and aggressive. They might also bully to gain power and believe violence is a positive thing and if that’s the way they will gain power and have people fear them they will never stop bullying. Lastly, parents play a huge role in the way their children act.Remeber parents it all starts at home. Children with less parental involvement or see constant issues at home tend to lead to becoming a bully. “If parents are modeling aggression, the kid might learn that. The way a parent shows and tells their children how to problem solve is important. Parents who teach their children to use their words instead of violence will help prevent bullying. Bullying does affect not only the victim it also has effect on the bully and the witnesses. The victims have