The Importance Of Bullying

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Bullying is a common problem that happens in almost every school and other places of work all over the world. Even possibly in our school! Bullying can happen in a lot of different ways, affect people in different ways and, of course, it is a very big theme of The Revealers. Bullies tend to have their own personal problems and take out their anger on other kids to make them feel less bad about themselves.

What is bullying? Bullying is repetitive, unwanted, aggressive behavior towards another person. There are many types of bullying including physical, psychological, emotional, verbal and cyber-bullying. Physical bullying is mostly self-explanatory; it’s when somebody hurts a person with their body. Emotional and verbal bullying is somewhat
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All types of bullying are bad, but I think that some have a worse effect on people than others. Cyberbullying, I think, is lowest on the list because of the fact that lots of websites are becoming aware of this problem and allow users to block and report others that are using the website to bring down others. It is also easier to talk to someone about it to an adult, especially if the person doesn’t know the bully in real life. Next is physical bullying, because even though it is painful, the pain goes away, whereas the pain from psychological, emotional and verbal bullying (which are at the top of the list) have more lasting …show more content…
So far in this book I have seen physical and psychological bullying towards Russell. I say physical due to the fact the throughout the book he has been getting beat up by Richie and psychological because Richie told Russell that he would always be there waiting to strike, which took up Russell’s entire mind for a period during the book. From what I’ve read, Elliott has mostly experienced physical bullying, but has also had verbal bullying since pretty much everyone in Parkland Middle School bullies him and calls him names. Elliott has also been through cyberbullying, as I could tell, because his sister has to check who is calling before passing the phone to Elliott and he only messages using the KidNet website. Catalina has experienced verbal, emotional and psychological bullying because Bethany, the most popular girl in school, has been giving her mean notes, spreading rumors about her, and making fun of her in general. Even though they are bullied by different people, together they have experienced all of the types of bullying I stated