Video Game Controversy

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Video Games, Video games have always been a place where people can have. But at last in the recent years it has become somewhat of a problem for some. Video games have always been both a good and bad influence since the recent times of early 2000s; video games are a controversial part of our history, so now I want to introduce how video games have come to this and why both parties say why they are right.

To get a better understanding as to why video games came to this horrible controversy, one must go through the history as too why video games are violent. Video Games are a computer electronic system that spans into many different things, computers, a console and a phone even. But video games have been first as a simple machine to have fun with sports games, the first type of video games were harmless and never had anyone shooting or stealing someone’s car, for example one of the first games was Pong. A simple yet addictive game as too this day and until then consoles were really unknown until a simple system call the Comadore 64 and Atari were release for children to have fun and share the experience. The 80s were also a perfect
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This game had a lot of controversy on its release as to its gameplay of shooting bystanders and stealing cars or perhaps the biggest was being able to have sex with a virtually game person. And as the years went on the controversy of video games have become increasingly worst. Many shootings have happen since then and all have involving teenagers who have play video games. Thus all have been blame onto video games, which is still happening now, a Mark Appelbaum has made a finding that teens have become violent and aggressive when being playing video games. (Casey, #1) The video game industry has made their respond by stating that video games have no relationship towards adolescence and by the time they get to their adult years the effects are not long