Video Game Industry Essay

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Video Game History
The video game industry was born in 1970s. Atari and Namco were the notable players in the industry who introduced video games to teenagers in form of arcade game in malls and video arcade. Several players entered the market in 1980s and 1990s and also the personal computer games where introduced due to popularity of PCs. But the Drastic change in the industry was the entry of Sony’s gaming console Play Station and Microsoft’s Xbox. Both of this game consoles were more technologically advanced than other companies in the industry. The relentless pursuit of superior technologies became the convention that drove the industry’s dynamics. Nintendo want to adopt a vastly different viewpoint about the future development of game industry.
Nintendo Introduction
Nintendo is a Japanese company that has been a dominant player in the video game industry since the launch of Super NES in 1991. In 2001, when Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo released their latest products, Sony’s PlayStation 2 (“PS2”) emerged as the clear winner, outselling Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube. Nintendo was neither able to compete with Sony’s PS2 nor Microsoft’s Xbox. Because of this, Nintendo was forced to change its approach to video games and adopted a vastly different viewpoint about the future development. Its new strategy was to target non-gamers in order to create a bigger market. Hence, it developed simpler games, which would require an easy-to-use controller and could be set up easily. In 2004, Nintendo introduced a new handheld gaming device (“DS”) which was a touch-screen that gamers