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The Vietnam war might seem like a war propelled by the resistance of it's own people against the rule of a foreign nation. In actuality the purpose of this war stemmed from conflicts that had been created during World War II. Ultimately the motivating factor was supported by the two super powers of the world United states and the Soviet Union in an effort to spread democracy or communism. Both super powers viewed each other as threat of foreign policy and national security. Following World War II and its divide of Vietnam along the 16th parallel, it gave the two regions a chance for self-determination on how they would construct their political systems. The US feared the spread of a Communist Regime and used imperialist tactics to avoid a communist uprising. The united states noticed the Communist party of the Viet Minh was slowly gaining momentum in the northern state of the country. To make an effort to try and weaken the communist regime in the north, the United States chose to ignore the principles of democracy, and implemented an autocratic government. Surprising enough the United States chose to sacrifice democracy for democracy, and supported a president in the south that decided to ignore the democratic process. The Geneva Accord constructed a plan for national wide elections in 1956 which never took place in the south. This partnership set the stage for the longest and most controversial war in American history. The actions in which the United States chose to perform would later have negative effects on the political and social disaster across or nation. By 1964 the war of Vietnam was fully under way. It was clear that Communist north led by Ho Chi Minh had launched a full scale revolution against the US supported Diem regime of the south. The United States were caught by surprise when a communist regime in the south known as the Viet Cong chose to join the North's plan to defeat the Democratic regime in the south. The US and South forces decided to launch a massive offensive attack in an attempt to crush the Viet Cong and hinder the moral of Ho Chi Minh regime in the north. President Lyndon Johnson made a grave error in escalating the use of force against the north. The US mistakenly believed that with the use of Ariel bombing attacks and overwhelming firepower they could cut of supply lines between Ho Chi Minhs regime and the Vietcong. Unfortunately