The Vietnam War And Their Control Of Vietnam

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The Vietnamese were always held under control, first by the Chinese. By the late 1800s the French took control and established French Indochina. By the 1900s the Vietnamese were getting sick of it and they now wanted to govern themselves. During World War 2 the French were invaded by Germany and they lost their control of Vietnam. Soon the Japanese would seek control of Vietnam and occupied them until 1945. They pulled out after World War 2, probably because they were crippled after the war. The United States defeated the Japanese in World War 2 and soon enough we saw North Vietnam a threat. Ho Chi Minh occupied North Vietnam and influenced by the ideology of communism. France went back to Vietnam because they disagreed with Ho Chi Minh’s and wanted to occupy them once more. In 1954 France lost its war with Ho Chi Minh and then settled a peace agreement. We then sent Diem to run control of the south. We supported Diem and wanted him to stay in control of the south because Ho was a communist leader. Diem did not last for long because he was corrupt and extremely unpopular. North Vietnam had attacked our ships in the Gulf Of Tonkin, after this had happened we had joined the war with the south. President Johnson then sent over 400,000 troops to South Vietnam to aid them during the war. The war was long, cold, and tough. Our troops weren’t use to the terrain and was a difficult war. In this war we used napalm and a defoliant called Agent Orange. One of our tactics was to kill