Essay View on Foreign Child Labor

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In a recent article in The New York Times titled Children Toil in India’s Mines, Despite Legal Ban, Gardiner Harris writes about the evidence of child labor violations and the treacherous working conditions they undergo. Many children, “some as young as 5” go to work every day in dangerous mine pits dressed in improper attire and no protection from the wretched working environments. Though it states in the article that there are specific laws in place in India to protect children and “ban child labor” it’s been difficult to enforce. It’s apparent they are not making it a priority to safeguard these children from harm and perhaps exploit these children in the name of greed.

The article also shows that families make use of the children’s efforts as this would be the only way to make ends to support their family. Though it’s heart-wrenching and poignant for their reasons to obtain work, it’s important to ponder the capacity of these young children and the whereabouts of their safety.

This conduct of business is clearly not in agreement with social ethics and our responsibility to keep our children safe from harm. Having strong business values include compassion and care for our future generations. To maintain an everlasting business, it’s important to regard each individual as much as you do for yourself and recognize children as if they were your own. Not only is this dilemma stemmed from greed and corruption but it’s highly unethical.

Neutral organizations should be in place to monitor these types of businesses and make sure that children are not present in working in these types of atrocious conditions, let alone working at all. Employment of underage workers shall have penalties including heavy fines and imprisonment. Education placement should be priority for children under the age of 18, in other countries such as India as well. These organizations…