Virtual Teams Pros And Cons

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We are living in the world of technology where almost every industry is working multinational. And this gives rise to the style of working in teams in such a way that most of the team members are dispersed geographically.
Just like two sides of a coin, working in teams also has pros and cons of its own. Discussing about pros I would say it very much cost effective because it cuts down the expense of infrastructure, utilities and travel cost for the company. That’s the reason why most of the companies had outsourced their customer service sector to low cost regions like India. So that service to customers is provided at 1/3 of the cost, when compared to home country’s expenses.
Reduces time span on the project since team members are geographically located at different time zone, it would result in completing the project way before the deadlines because at every point someone from the team is always working on the project.
Even employees may value working in virtual teams because this would help them to save commute time to the office, as they can get access to the work from the home itself.
Working with the team members that are located in diverse location also widens the scope of talent, as they can share their experience with other team members.
These were couple of pros of working in virtual teams. While moving on to cons of working virtually would be conflicts among team members as their opinion might differ on doing a project, and working virtually might also result in