Leadership and Management Essay

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Course: NSG3LAM (Leadership and Management in Nursing)

Subject: Assessment 2

In this essay, the writer will analyse the philosophy, vision and mission statements of her organization, as well as the philosophy of the nursing department and discuss these values which are reflected in the nursing management and leadership that currently exist on your her specific unit/ward.
The writer is working at SGH (Singapore General Hospital). SGH mission is ‘‘we deliver quality care to every patient through comprehensive integrated clinical practice, medical innovation and lifelong learning.’’ The vision is ‘‘to be a renowned organization at the leading edge of medicine, providing quality
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It is the power of team work, the importance of learning and re-learning, the need to communicate and clarify and the harnessing the strength of a multi-disciplinary team. Undergoing the designation process validates our existing strength and along the way, we also identify fresh opportunities. The writer have gone through it and see that the team spirit and unwavering commitment of the staffs and senior leadership have been the mainstay throughout this amazing journey of discovery. The hard work really pays off.

‘‘Philosophy is a belief about life, human beings, values, and ideals. Nurses need to understand philosophies, theories, concepts and process because nursing is a discipline based on using and integrating bodies of knowledge so as to be able to assess what is needed to deliver health care.’’ (Flynn, J.M. & Heffron, P.B. 1998) We need to study nursing philosophy to give us a meaning to the profession by providing the values and beliefs and to give a direction for achieving our goals, and these indirectly affect the delivery of nursing care (Potter & Perry 2001).
SGH has three nursing division philosophy. Firstly is service to mankind. The writer’s organization believes that nurses should be committed to the care of patients, without racial, religious or social discrimination, and strives to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The writer felt that every patient should be treated as a holistic individual.