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Visual Entertainment
Melanie Bolanger
December 9th, 2012
Sharon Hanscom

Visual Entertainment
Visual entertainment, such as television and film have a huge impact on our culture today. Television is a huge source of advertising. You see anything from resteraunts and stores to toys and tobacco companies. Every time my best friend’s son sees a new toy on television, his first response is “I want that!” This is the reaction these companies want and they are getting it through television. I do not see as much advertising for tobacco companies as I used to and this is a good thing. Now I see more of why tobacco is bad for you and the negative effects, which I think is a good thing for everyone to see as it is reality. Films also advertise through television. They play previews to catch your eye and make you want to see it. They are also advertised at theaters where they hang those giant movie posters Which is also there and designed to catch your eye.
Visual entertainment media has shaped American culture and it’s values by the messages they send out. People in general are very easily influenced and with visual entertainment media, it only helps more. This can be a positive or negative thing. There are shows and films that are inspiring and send out good messages and there are also negative ones as well. Little things like a toy advertisement I see no harm in. Yes you may have a child begging you for it for awhile but other than that, I see no issue. I can say television shows are not what they used to be though. Growing up I liked to watch “Boy Meets World”. This was always a very positive show and also helped teach you good morals and values. When they came out with “That 70’s Show” I was a little shocked. Not that I do not like the show, I find it to be very funny at times, but I do not think children should be watching this as in every episode it shows them in Eric’s basement smoking marijuana and “having a good time”. We do not want to show our children that this is a good thing to do which I think the show does reflect.
Films are the same way. Very influencing