Vitamin Water Essay

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Marketing Plan For LAUNCH OF

Vitamin Water in Pakistan

To establish itself as a health water supplier targeting sports, thrill seeking community and also for those adults, for whom, vitamin intake becomes a necessity with a span of age or due to some illness. To establish itself as a health water supplier for young generation & for adults with vitamin as a daily source of energy

Executive Summary
Purpose of this project is to study the opportunities in Pakistani market for “Vitamin Water”. Vitamin Water is a world renowned brand. Marketed by a well organized multinational company which operates almost all over the globe. This is the first effort in Pakistan to market this product. Vitamin Water is recognized
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Some of Glacéau’s partners include 50 cents, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady, Shaquille O’Neal, Tony Parker, Brian Urlacher, David Ortiz and Tracy Mcgrady. Glacéau products are designed to help people feel better, perform better and live healthier lives through better hydration, we are proud to partner with athletes, artists, actors and other individuals who embody the ideal of good health and wellness and who genuinely incorporate Glacéau products into their healthy lifestyles. Company Slogan:
“Try it” “What does your body need?” “Goodbye to bland water-hello to flavors + vitamins | drink Glacéau Vitamin-water”
” el yt s f o k ni ht u o y r e v e n e h w r et a w ni m a ti v u a é c al G f o k ni h T “

Target Markets
Age: Gender: SEC: Geographical Location: 15 to 40 years Male/Female A+, A, B Top 10 cities


Plastic Bottles 500ml

Labeling Sticker containing ingredients On the other side USP is defined

Product Variants
The long-awaited Glacéau Vitamin water will bring colorful surprises to Pakistanis…. the 500ml bottle will be available in the following six glacéau vitamin vitaminwater varieties o Glacéau vitamin vitamin taminwater® power-c – dragonfruit (c + b’s) powero Glacéau vitamin vitaminwater® essential – orange-orange (c + calcium) o Glacéau vitamin vitaminwater® energy – tropical citrus (b +guarana) o Glacéau vitamin vitaminwater® res–q – green tea (c + green tea