Walt Disney Financial Analysis Essay

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1.0 Introduction The Walt Disney Company is a diversified worldwide entertainment and global mass media company in the USA. It was first discovered by the Disney Brothers called Walt and Roy. It was started as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and later on to be called Walt Disney Studio. The main headquarters of Disney is located in Burbank, California, USA. This company is now of the leading animation industry in America and they are slowly broadening their horizons into live-action film production as well as in television and also travel. A cartoon name that became such a worldwide phenomenon called Mickey Mouse began in Disney as it was a well known cartoon creation of the company and it became a real pillar in …show more content…
Kids can really learn a lot from them
4.2 Place
• All their theme parks are strategically located to make sure that everyone around the world can experience and visit the theme parks.
• The theme parks are located in Europe, Japan, US and Hong Kong. And they now planning to open one theme park in India too.
4.3 Promotions
• Social media and websites such as like Facebook, Twitter, TV programs and licensed merchandise are used by Disney to promote their products.
• They also have a website where people can play games online.
• In 2012, a total of $ 2.112 Billion was spent by Disney just for advertising their products and it went up by 9.3%.
• Disney is positioned at number 50 in 2012 and they jumped tremendously the following year (2013) to number 27 and with a brand value of $ 15, 392 in 2012 and $ 20, 548 in 2013 and with AAA brand rating too.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix

This describes Walt Disney’s market attractiveness through the relationship between its market share and profitability. Under the BCG matrix, there are four categories which are star, cash cow, and question mark. Consumer products (merchandise) fall under the star category which means that the company’s products are gradually growing. Presently under the cash cow category is Disney’s media which is also known as cable TV. This indicates that Disney’s TV shows are matured and this can contribute to the company’s